Lunches for Clinicians (please consider donating)

A group has come together to support both the local restaurant industry and overworked clinicians treating symptomatic COVID-19 individuals. The Facebook group goes by the name of Lunches for Clinicians and can also be followed on Instagram at this link. About themselves the group says this: “The team at Lunches for Clinicians are a group of friends from Denver that saw an opportunity to boost the morale of the front-line healthcare workers in our Denver community in the form of a warm meal. The majority of your donations will be used to buy lunches from many different local Denver restaurants to feed the day and night ED/ICU shifts at your local Denver-based hospitals. In addition, a small percentage of your donations will go towards a marketing campaign that will produce banners full of thank you notes to clinicians from your local Denver students.”

Please click on this link to be taken to a site that allows you to make a direct contribution. If you would like to email the group directly, you can use contact them at