A little sarcasm aimed at the religious self-righteous
Not every love song achieves the intended effect
Hank Williams wrote it, Leon Russell re-arranged it, I abominated it.
When disease comes between us
I don’t think Don McLean would forgive me, nor would Vincent Van Gogh.
Isolation Song, a plea to keep sharing love during times of social distancing necessitated by COVID-19
A Song and Video Written In Memory of Leslie Shainline
Roberta Holbrook singing a rewrite of “God Bless the USA” with more appropriate lyrics, given Trump’s immigration policies
A Rewrite of “Alone Again, Naturally” performed at the Front Range Brewing Company, Lafayette, CO
A Blasphemous Treatment of Leonard Cohen’s Most Popular Song
Runner Up Performance, New Song Showcase, Walnut Valley Music Festival, 2016, Better World Category