Author: mshainline

Why “Nine Before One”?

What does this domain name mean? Is it just a playful, absurd title? Does it mean putting the interests of the many ahead of the interests of the individual? Does it refer to how many cups of coffee (or pints of beer) one can consume before the first hour of the afternoon? Perhaps it is […]


Since March 16th I’ve pretty much been alone in my home with cat (I had two cats up until March 22nd when on died.) playing guitar, writing songs, and recording. I’ve made two trips to the grocery store, taken several bike rides, and gone for several walks around the lake, but the songs have taken […]


In order to write, perform, and record these songs I’ve had to write lyrics, compose melodies and accompanying guitar parts, sing, play guitar, and operate recording software, which in this case is ProTools. My skill with any one of these functions is mediocre at best, but I find it very satisfying to come up with […]