Since March 16th I’ve pretty much been alone in my home with cat (I had two cats up until March 22nd when on died.) playing guitar, writing songs, and recording. I’ve made two trips to the grocery store, taken several bike rides, and gone for several walks around the lake, but the songs have taken up most of my time. Yesterday I decided to put together this web site in order to post the recorded songs. As I thought about the huge sacrifices that so many are making in order to serve victims of the pandemic, including healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store employees, delivery persons, and others who have no choice but to leave themselves vulnerable to exposure, I wanted this to be a little more than just a place to display my own work. Among the many groups of people that are being affected economically by the pandemic are musicians who cannot perform in public. I decided I would include some information here about Swallow Hill, a not-for-profit music school and concert venue that has been a big part of my life since moving to Denver ten years ago. I also learned about an effort called Lunches for Clinicians through a friend on Facebook. I’ve included separate information on both of these organizations on separate pages where you can find out more, access their web sites, and make contributions.